The Forgotten Land

Faerie Grove The Choosing Ceremony is an event that occurs only once in every generation. The Forgotten Land is part of the city and the entrance appears only to those the land deems worthy enough. Those chosen by the land are called its Protectors, and being chosen is of the highest honour.

Carl, a loner and a lover of adventure, discovers that the stories and the Protectors he has been looking up to his entire life may not be as chivalrous and noble as they pretend to be. His long track record of getting himself into trouble is getting longer. Forced against his will to undertake an impossible task, Carl has to lie to his only friend, risk his life, and trust a girl he only just met.

Carl’s life is no longer his own, but he is not a fighter, he was never able to defend himself. He was just an average guy in a special but small city, working hard to get out. Now he may be trapped forever, stuck between two worlds and a war.