Catch the wind before it cuts your heart
Block the lightning strike
And if you’re still ripped apart
You’ll set the dark alight.

Fight to the surface of the deepest sea
Roll with each wave toss
Close your eyes, let your heart float free
Stay still among the chaos

See the light in the distance
So far away from here
Strengthen your resistance
Forget your fear

You’ll only drown if you let go
You’ll only lose if you give up
You know where you want to go
That is more than enough.

Keep your eye on the distant shore
Don’t listen to their call
They will make you want something more
They will lead you to your fall

Learn to use the darkness
Turn it into light
Don’t forget the fading waters
Don’t forget the fight

You’ll tear apart the coming storm
And bring down the iron gates
Break down the giant doors
And stand against the fates