I’m sure many writers have said this time and time again: being a writer is the most amazing and most difficult of things. It isn’t about writing what you think other people want to read. It’s about writing what you want to read. It’s about writing for the sake of creating, for conjuring up impossible places, incredible characters, and legends that are greater than life. You’re surrounded by ideas and events that only exist to you, and they mean so much to you that you need to share them, to let the world see what you can see. It’s about passion and faith, and discovery.

Writing of the Paranormal is what captures my heart the most. There are no limits, no restrictions. Creating these worlds and envisioning these characters, those things are easy, but then they always take a life of their own. The characters don’t always do what you want them to. They have their personalities and they talk to you, tell you what they want. To most people it would sound like insanity, but such is the life of the writer.

The Faerie Believer series was like that, the characters didn’t always do what I expected. Some characters I created for a specific purpose, maybe to be just a small part of the larger story, but they took their personality and ran with it. Like I mentioned earlier, I think it’s all about discovery, about the journey you take with these characters. My characters often give and teach me more than I give them. The best part about writing is being surprised, being amazed, living many lives at once, and when the element of surprise is lost in a particular story, you know it has come to an end. It may not be that you are bored with the story, in most cases that isn’t the issue at all, it’s just that the story has told you all it needs to tell. It has given all it needs to give, and to continue on with such a story makes things difficult for both readers and writers of the story. And a writer always knows when their story is at its end.

Some stories never have an end in sight, and they are my favorite ones, because the amazement never ends. I am working on such a series right now, of which the first book will be available on Kindle around the end of August. The novel, The True Protector, is the first in the Forgotten Land series, and where it is a young adult paranormal novel, it is more of a thriller adventure than a paranormal romance. For those who are fans of the paranormal romance series Kirean Magic, the second book in the series will be available on Amazon and Kindle in November.