Kirean Magic

Faerie Grove

Eighteen year old Princess Kyra is everything she believes a princess should not be. She has anger issues and hates dresses and makeup. When Kyra’s life is directly at risk within her kingdom and she has to escape quickly, Ayran, a remarkable and talented fighter, takes her to the “Outer World,” the land where he is from, where there are cars and electricity, and everything Kyra has only read about in books.

Despite the many times Ayran keeps saving Kyra’s life, she is repeatedly reminded that he does not want to be babysitting her. He longs to be in the battle and war of the kingdom.

Despite Ayran’s anger and attitude, Kyra may be falling for him and for the first time she discovers there is someone who can match her anger.

But there are other people out to catch Kyra besides a prince with his bruised pride. Kyra has learnt a very dangerous kind of magic from a very dangerous kind of book. Such magic will bring her more trouble than she could possibly imagine, despite how little she actually knows of how to use it. In fact, it seemed everything brought her trouble. Between running from kingdom men, others bent on revenge, and sorcerers, there is never a moment of peace.