Kashlin Karler

DSCN0100225 Kashlin Karler is just a normal guy with too much knowledge. Thanks to the power Agent Manon gave him, he is the most hunted person in the entire paranormal world. Everyone wants to know where Agent Manon’s great power went. Everyone was waiting for this power, eager to share in it. Until Agent Manon decided a normal mortal boy should get it all.

Kashlin has been on the run his whole life, getting himself kicked out of foster home after foster home, hoping to keep each set of foster parents alive. Just when he discovers he is safe, that no one is after him anymore, he is approached by Agent Charles Manon. Agent Charles Manon, the most powerful member of the Paranormal Investigation agency, offers Kashlin a place among their ranks. Kashlin instantly refuses. He doesn’t want a life of danger and excitement. He wants a normal, safe, uneventful life, where he can be anything he wants to be.

Kashlin thought it was over, but a few days later, more members of the PIA turn up. Agent Manon is AWOL, and Kash is the last person to have seen him. The PIA and a lot of bad guys think that Agent Charles Manon gave Kashlin the source of his power and his knowledge.

Kash has no knowledge, no power, and no way to defend himself against the dark creatures being sent to hunt him down. Survival, as usual, is a matter of luck. The PIA members are unusual, but they are a good team, and even though Kashlin wants nothing to do with the PIA, he has to let them protect him. Alaya, the research analyst; Benjamin, the technical engineer; and Cooper, the Team Leader. Then there’s Agent Manon, the biggest mystery of them all.

Expected Publication: 2013